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Sometimes we have so much to do in our everyday life we just need to take a break. Online games allow us to take quick breaks. Flow Free is a fun and simple puzzle game. Not only is it interesting, it teaches you a few things when you are playing it.

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Flow Free APK Latest Version Download Android

Flow Free Online

The first step of course is installing the game on your phone. Once you do select the level you want to play and the board will appear. The selection includes the size of the game board. Using your finger, swipe on the dots to make a pipe careful never to cross other color dots or pipes.

You can increase the difficulty by playing a larger board, a timed board, more difficult configurations, or more colors to increase the difficulty. There are ten different board sizes and 100s of levels. However, so levels need in-app purchases.

It may seem like a simple puzzle game but it is very addictive because it doesn’t take long to gain the momentum of the game. However, it gets difficult as you proceed because the colors and the grid size increase.

Flow Free game is available on iOS, Android, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8. It is basically available as a web app (HTML5). It is among the best game for iPhone and Android users.

Flow Free Features:

  • Clean and colorful graphics
  • Over 2500 free puzzles
  • Fun sound effects
  • Free play and time trial models
Flow Free APK Latest Version Download Android

What Free Flow Teaches You

We love this game because I can be enjoyed by anyone from 8 years, meaning even adults can indulge in the game and still enjoy. This game is also the true definition of never too old to learn new things. This game just allows you to just follow your impulses.

The game keeps you engaged with a balance of frustration and challenge. As you increase the difficulty, the frustration starts to kick in but not enough to make you break your phone and give up. This mirrors how life is, in the sense that even though we go through some very frustrating problems, we still have the zeal to keep living.

When you begin the game you will gain a connection to it. This means that you will know how to maneuver the colors and dots with ease. This games, therefore, makes you come up with the perfect strategy to solve the problem, a skill we all need in life.

Just like life, the game doesn’t require loads of instructions. You sort of gain the momentum with a few trials. You learn from the first mistake and you become a pro with time.

This game has a clean and crisp presentation. And the music and sound also keep you interested. You can turn off the music and retain the water drop sound effects. You can begin with time trial mode if you are a beginner.

Once you get a hang of it, you can proceed to the normal play mode. It has the regular and jumbo pack with different grid sizes. The jumbo pack is intended for the tablet but you can still play it on your phone.

Why This Game Is Perfect For Kids Who Need Help With Planning and Flexibility

Flow Free APK Latest Version Download Android Flow Free APK Latest Version Download Android Flow Free APK Latest Version Download Android

Flow Free Pros and Cons



  • Responsive to the player’s touch
  • Great interface
  • The black background and the bright look incredible
  • Helps kids who need assistance with planning and flexibility
  • Cons:

  • Some levels require in-app purchases

  • Flow Free APK Latest Version Download Android

    Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Flow Free


    Q. How do you play Flow Free if you’re color blind?
    A. Well, the game supports text labels for this case. On the ‘Settings’ tab select the ‘Flow labels’ and turn them on. After doing this, the color dots will be accompanied by text labels.

    Q. How can you solve the hard puzzles?
    A. Well, the trick is to begin solving the puzzle from outside and connect the dots and paths using the outside squares then connect the inner ones.

    Q. How do I get the sounds to start working again?
    A. Easy! Reboot the game. On the home screen, tap and hold the app until it starts to wiggle and then close it. Restart it again and the sounds will be back.

    Q. Can you be charged twice if you want to get the app on another device?
    A. Once you purchase the game, you can just install it on other devices by restoring your purchases and you’re good to go. If you installed it on your iPhone and you now want to move it your iPad, there will be an Apple dialog that will appear. On the dialog, type the iTunes password. After this, the level packs you had purchased will be downloaded on the other device as well.

    Download Flow Free APK Latest Version

    The link to download the latest version of Flow Free Downloader is given here. Click the below button and directly download the necessary APK.


    Even though this game is addictive and challenging, its simplicity is basically the best part about the game. Puzzle fans will definitely enjoy the puzzles.


    Latest Changelogs


    Updates of New Version 4.0 - 12/04/2018

    • New Updated base 4.0 (Play Store)
    • [Exclusive] Now working with Android Oreo
    • Bugs fixed including issues updating download links and downloads

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