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If you love physics or puzzles, you will love this game because it is a physics puzzle game. It comes with a hundred levels to solve. Brain it on is in groups in 20 pages. You are required to solve puzzles to unlock pages and collect stars.

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What is Brain it On! ?

Brain it On! With every puzzle you solve you stand a chance of collect 3 stars. One of the stars is for solving the puzzle in a minute, the other is for solving the puzzle, and the other one is for doing it within the allotted shapes given. There is also the option of buying the pages for $0.09 if you are no patient enough to collect the stars.

With every level comes a new specific objective. You need to use your brain and find a way to achieve the objective. You do this by drawing shapes on your screen. The puzzles get difficult as you play on. Proceeding to the next level can be very frustrating especially if you are no getting the three stars.

Brain It On! Features

  • Can compete with friends and gain the Brain it on crown
  • Many physics puzzles
  • Can share solutions with friends and compare as well
  • Many ways to solve every puzzle
Brain It On APK Latest Version Download Android

How to Play Brain It On!

Every level has an objective indicated on the screen. I can be as easy as being asked to draw a shape or as difficult as being told to place a ball in an orange box. Use your finger to respond to the objectives on the screen.

You will notice that anything you draw will become a solid object that fits in your environment. You can even control the shapes you draw. Keep drawing shapes that with creating a chain of reaction that helps you achieve your goal.

If you’re no good at figuring out this kind of physics puzzles, you need be a lot more patient. Always wait to see what happens after you draw a shape then use the results to tweak it a bit or draw something different entirely.

If something isn’t working just keep changing it until it does. It gets exciting when you find a solution for a puzzle.

Brain it on is 100% is free to download. You will unlock five levels at a time. However, you need to complete 4 of the 5 to unlock the fifth level then earn three stars after each level. The three stars concept makes the challenge even more exciting.

They have an opt-in video ad that gives you hints. The hints help you figure out a possible solution by showing you which shapes you can use. The good news is that there are no limits or timers to solve the puzzle.

As you continue playing you will get to the red zones elements that don’t allow you to draw anything. It is doable, all you have to do is maneuver and find a solution. However, it can be very challenging.

You will find versions for the Android users and iPhone users as well. It is easy to install once you download. There is also the option of sing into Facebook however, that’s not a necessity to play the game. Anyone, in general, can enjoy this puzzle game those who like physics puzzles will enjoy the game more.

Brain It On APK Latest Version Download Android Brain It On APK Latest Version Download Android Brain It On APK Latest Version Download Android

Brain Dots Pros & Cons



  • Free to download and play
  • Challenging and exciting puzzles
  • Has Facebook integration

  • Cons:

  • The material design could be better

  • Brain It On APK Latest Version Download Android

    Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Brain It On!


    Q. How do you manage to flip the cup upside-down?
    A. Try to make a shape that won’t flip a lot or one that can flip all the way. Eventually, you will be able to make the cup flip upside-down.

    Q. What are your options if you are unable to earn enough stars?
    A. If you are not earning the three stars you can always make an in-app purchase of $0.09 per section. This means that it will cost you about $3 to unlock sixty levels.

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    This game is challenging, exciting, and keeps you thinking, hence the name. it is a perfect time-killer and can be as addictive as any other game. It helps you exercise your gray matter while keeping you sharp at the same time. If you are patient and determined enough, you will beat all the levels, gain all the stars with ease and uninstall the game once you are done!


    Latest Changelogs


    Updates of New Version 1.6.3 - 04/04/2018

    • New Updated base 1.6.3 (Play Store)
    • [Exclusive] Now working with Android Oreo
    • Bugs fixed including issues updating download links and downloads

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