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Brain Dots app by Translimit features an amazing new game that will help you pass your free time easily. Play Brain Dots to get entertained and relaxed. It is perfect getaway for those who need to unwind after a hard day at work and for kids to spend their time playing without getting stressed.

Brain Dots APK Latest Version Download Android

What is Brain Dots?

Brain Dots apk is a brain training game application that involves drawing puzzles to join two dots, one blue and one pink. It is bound to make you addictive with its brain twisting exercises that are thoroughly entertaining and not at all stressful. Once you start to play Brain Dots, you cannot resist the urge to keep moving ahead level after level. After all, there is a sound reason behind the 30 million downloads that the game has managed to gather in a short span of time since its release.

Translimit’s newest venture Brain Dots online game is all about being creative and innovative. Just join two dots to move to the next level. Let your creative side take the front seat and create amazing, unique drawings. From lines to shapes, you can draw anything.

The game offers plenty of levels so you can expect to stay occupied for hours. The added benefit is that you can share your created images with other users too. You can choose to download Brain Dots Android, Brain Dots iOS and Brain Dots PC versions, which one suits your device. Brain Dots app is available for both mobile and desktop.

Brain Dots app is very user-friendly. It is easy to learn to play but very difficult to master. In this sense, it is not at all as straightforward or basic as you might think it to be. The game’s unique selling point (USP) is that it allows healthy brain training without causing unnecessary stress or panic.

Many games nowadays prove to be very stressful for players especially kids. But, with Brain Dots online, all family members can pass their free time in an entertaining manner. It is a free download and available for all mainstream platforms in over 15 languages so, we can state that it is truly versatile and flexible.

About Translimit

Translimit Inc. is the name behind the immensely popular mobile quiz app BrainWars. Founded in 2014, Translimit is a Tokyo, Japan based firm that excels in developing brain teaser games. After the astounding success met by the maiden venture BrainWars, which requires players to compete with each other in three sets of mental exercise games, Translimit is back with Brain Dots.

Quick Facts:

  • Brain Dots game free download app was released on July 6th 2015.
  • You can download Brain Dots PC, Brain Dots iOS and Brain Dots Android app, all the versions are free.
  • Brain Dots apk belongs to the brain training genre.
  • It is a single-player game and does not involve head-to-head combats.
  • Brain Dots app has a distinct appeal because it is not just a brain quiz type of game but an entertaining puzzle that one creates on his own.
  • The cherry on top is that player can see the artworks created through the course of his/her gameplay.
  • It has truly global appeal; unlike other games releases by Japanese developers, Brain Dots apk has managed to earn fans from across the globe.
  • 96% of its total users are non-Japanese. South Korean has turned out to be the top market for Brain Dots with 11.4% users.
  • Translimit’s Brain Wars reached over 10 million downloads eight months after it was released. But, Brain Dots broke the record of its predecessor by reaching 10 million downloads within one month of its release only.
Brain Dots APK Latest Version Download Android

Brain Dots Online- Best Stress-Buster Game

Brain Dots app does not involve any heavy-duty playing techniques and nor do it is so fiercely competitive like other games. It is a very satisfying game that doesn’t impose an excessive burden on your nerves and help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

But, don’t think that it is just another kiddy game because it isn’t. It is an exceptionally designed tricky game that requires you to brainstorm and be very attentive.

Brain Dots App Play Tips


Many people feel that to play Brain Dots, you need to have expertise in drawing shapes and figures. That is totally a misconception; Brain Dots is although a puzzle game that is very challenging but anyone can play Brain Dots. Most of the objects and obstacles are affected by gravity and to overcome the challenges you need to learn to use the Brain Dots app first. In case you are finding it difficult to excel at this game, here are a few, handy tips to help you out.

Brain Dots APK Latest Version Download Android Brain Dots APK Latest Version Download Android Brain Dots APK Latest Version Download Android

Brain Dots Guide for Beginners

With Brain Dots Being Creative is the Key!


The game requires you to join two dots but it is not as simple and straightforward as it sounds to be.

What happens is that you will see a blue dot and a pink dot that will be strategically placed at positions that would make it difficult to draw a line. Your objective is to join these two dots using whatever strategy you can.

You can enjoy the liberty of drawing just about any shape; it could be a line or an image, it is up to you totally. All that you need to make sure is that the two dots hit each other eventually.

You will be tested through a variety of complicated routes that will make it utterly difficult for you to join the dots. The trick is to be experimental and draw different types of shapes and structures.

Options are endless in this regard as you can be as creative as you want to be. Draw what you like to such as hills, ramps, bouncy lines, etc.

Creativity and versatility are the two skills that you will be able to use and even improve through this remarkable game.

You need to be at your creative and imaginative best and devise a variety of possible Brain Dots solutions to join the dots. Thinking out of the box is important here!

As you successfully proceed further, Brain Dots apk becomes complex and the harder it becomes to achieve the task the more satisfaction you will feel.

After reaching certain milestones in the game, players will be rewarded with exclusive items like pencils and pens of different types, shapes, color and sizes to make the game even more interesting.

Brain Dots Gameplay and Graphics


Display Graphics:

Translimit has kept things fairly simple and minimalist. As soon as the game is opened, you will understand the game’s premise. The screen shows the game’s title Brain Dots featuring a blue and pink dot surrounded by grid-type background. All you can see are tiny boxes, which instantly inform you about how to play the game. However, the UI is a bit too simple so, it would have been better if Translimit had made it more refreshing. Yet, the game is interesting and engaging, which is the primary requirement and it excels in this aspect.


The first three levels of the game are more like tutorials. Players are guided properly so that they learn to play the game easily. All that is to be understood is explained in these levels. In the first level, you will be able to join the dots easily. The second would make it a tad bit difficult to join them but you will still do it in merely seconds. The third level will introduce you to the world of shapes and figures as you will be required to join the dots by drawing a figure. As you move forward, the screen will start showing solid shapes, which you will use to create a path and join the dots.


The first three levels of the game are more like tutorials. Players are guided properly so that they learn to play the game easily. All that is to be understood is explained in these levels. In the first level, you will be able to join the dots easily. The second would make it a tad bit difficult to join them but you will still do it in merely seconds. The third level will introduce you to the world of shapes and figures as you will be required to join the dots by drawing a figure. As you move forward, the screen will start showing solid shapes, which you will use to create a path and join the dots.

        -25 Pens and Pencils:

There are over 25 different types of pens and pencils that are to be won at certain levels. This is a plus point because you never lose interest in the game. This feature doesn’t let the game become repetitive at all. You may feel that the same levels keep appearing after some time but it isn’t so. You will be seeing the same screen on some levels but the dots’ alignment would be way different. As you proceed further, the game will become more and more complex. You will learn so many different ways of joining two dots that you will be amazed by your smartness and intellect.

        -Versatile categories:

There are different categories in Brain Dots including:

01.Basic: There are 12 levels with over 500 different images. This category is perfect for kids and beginners as it isn’t too complicated.

02.Features: Puzzles from different parts of the world are displayed and users can choose any of them to play the game. The difficulty level is higher than Basic. A cool fact is that the puzzles have been designed by fellow Brain Dots players from across the globe and selected by game developers.

03.Trending: The images getting popular on the internet feature on this category. Players can choose from different options such as: Daily trends, Yesterday’s Trend, Trends from Last Week and/or Monthly Trends.

04.Popular Users: This category is allotted according to your region; the most popular players from your region would be displaying their created images. These images can be too simple to too complex, so it takes you by surprise.

05.New: To keep your interest in the game alive, team Brain Dots keep uploading latest images in the New folder. You can always check out the most recent images and make your gameplay more interesting.

06.By Difficulty: Between Easy, Normal and Hard, players get three choices as they can select the kind of game they want to play. For those who aren’t satisfied with the Hard level, there is an additional level called Manic. This would definitely force you to scratch our head as the game would become a bit too difficult to play.

What Works?


The game is quite interesting; don’t go by its simplistic premise because you aren’t simply required to join two dots. It will become more and more complicated to join the two dots and you will be brainstorming a lot. It can be said that it serves as a healthy brain exercise for the entire family.

At no level are you required to use the same strategy that helped you reach the next level. Every stage is different from the previous one and you will be progressing with every level. You will complete the first few levels in just seconds but later on you would need to think and use a strategy to join the dots so it will become time-consuming too.

As you move ahead, things start getting trickier. You might think that the same principles would be employed at all levels but that’s where you are mistaken. That’s the beauty of this game that it completely catches you off guard; you start it by thinking it to be an easy one but as you move on, it becomes all about perfect timing and alignment. You will be required to do a variety of tasks to join the dots such as moving blocks, bumping into two circles, drawing shapes and creating paths from complicated routes.

We couldn’t help noticing the constant reappearing of the game’s title after the end of every level. This is a great marketing strategy form Translimit because it doesn’t let you forget the name of the game ever. As soon as the level finishes, the name appears and you are asked to move to the next level. It is quite an innovative way of marketing a game. Two thumbs up for this innovative feature.

Another positive aspect is that the game is quite easy to close, unlike some other games that require you to finish a certain task or wait for the timer to finish. In Brain Dots, you can do it in a snap.

There is lesser risk of involuntary inputs and errors because the game is not very fast paced so you aren’t required to frantically tap the screen or get frustrated because of the timer. Players don’t need to panic at all as they can take as much time as required in completing a level. There isn’t any timer or restriction in line and length. So, players are allowed to be as creative as they want to.

Another plus point is the involvement of players in the game. This aspect makes Brain Dots even more interesting. You have the chance to showcase your creation or even get it uploaded in the game for other players to use. Isn’t it truly rewarding when your created image is used by someone else for playing? It also allows you to check out images created by users from around the world and from your own region too.

What Doesn’t Work?


There are a lot of ads that pop up randomly. What annoys player the most is that if you fail a level the ads appear in-between the tries. So the more you fail the higher chances of being bombarded with ads until you move to the next level. It sometimes feels like the ads are a hindrance in the entertainment factor of the game.

The game’s a little too minimalist when it comes to graphical illustrations. Translimit could have done a better job in this department. Yet, as we always say that if the game is entertaining enough then all is good.

The developers totally missed the point while including a call to action in the game. As you play, you will see messages appear in between game levels at regular intervals. There will be different kinds of messages such as Unlock New Levels, Progress in the Game, Latest Features, etc. Although the idea is to encourage the player to play further after a while it gets a bit annoying for the player. Usually, the player would ignore the message and discard it, which basically kills the purpose of including such call to actions.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Brain Dots


Q. Is it available for free?
A. Yes indeed! Brain Dots is a free download.

Q. Does Brain Dots support Android?
A. Brain Dost is a highly flexible game that is compatible with a variety of platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Q. Can we enable a multiplayer setting in this game?
A. Brain Dots is a single player game. At the moment, the game does not allow multiplayer setting.

Q. Which age group does this game suits?
A. Brain Dots is an entertaining game that can be played by all age groups. It is perfect for the whole family. From kids to elderly and adults, it is suitable for everyone.

Are there any in-app purchases? Do we need to buy something after we start playing?
A. The game offers exclusive entertainment and from time to time players might be notified about latest in-app purchases. However, unlike plenty of other games that require players to necessarily buy game-related gizmos and tools, Brain Dots does not force players. The gameplay will stay unaffected whether you make in-app purchases or not.

Q. What kind of app it is?
A. Brain Dots is a brain training application that offers healthy mental exercises via different puzzles.

Q. How to play Brain Dots?
A. The first three levels of the game will serve as live tutorials for gamers. You can easily learn to play the game. It is a pretty straightforward game that requires players to join two dots in any possible shape or image.

Q. What are the minimum system requirements?
A. To download Brain Dots, you must have Windows 10, Windows 10 for Mobile, Android version 3.0 or above and for Apple products (iPhone, iPad, and iTouch) you will need iOS 8.0 or above.

Q. What is the file size of Brain Dots?
A. Brain Dots is compatible with all desktop and mobile OS. Its file size is just 55.2 MB.

Q. In which year was Brain Dots released?
A. The game was released on July 6, 2015.

Q. Which languages does Brain Dots support?
A. Brain Dots is available in 15+ languages including English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Russian, Finnish, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Hindi, Swedish and Portuguese.

Q. Brain Dots keep crashing on my phone, what should I do?
A. If your device is compatible with the game, then this problem would never occur. However, if you are facing crashing issue then we suggest you download the latest version 2.6.2. Some bugs have been fixed in this latest version so you will not face the issue anymore.

Q. My mobile often freezes while playing Brain Dots, how to fix it?
A. If there is not enough space on your mobile, the game might get freeze or crash. Please make sure that there is adequate space for the game and then install it.

Download Brain Dots APK Latest Version

The link to download the latest version of Brain Dots Downloader is given here. Click the below button and directly download the necessary APK.

A Stress-free Gaming Option for Kids and Adults
Who Says Brain Training Can’t be Fun! Try Brain Dots Online
Brain Dots App- An Addictive Game For the Whole Family
The wait is Over: Brain Dots is the Ultimate Family Game You Have Been Longing For


Latest Changelogs


Updates of New Version 2.6.2 - 25/01/2016

  • New Updated base 2.6.2 (Play Store)
  • [Exclusive] Now working with Android Oreo
  • Bugs fixed including issues updating download links and downloads